Friday, September 15, 2017

August 26, 2017

Today I rode along with my husband for 136 miles to South Bend, Indiana. Except for the fact that it allowed me plenty of conversation time with my husband, I had no other valid reason to go. Dave had an appointment there with another agent from his office, and I was going to find something to do in the area while he was gone. 

We stopped first for a quick bite to eat, and the ladies' room had an "out of order" sign. This frustrated me, since I'd spent a couple of hours in the car, but I figured I'd find a restroom elsewhere. Little did I know that God would use an "out of order" bathroom to send me out in search of a bathroom and dessert. 

Dave left after dinner, and I drove around and spotted a Dunkin Donuts shop nearby. Perfect! I could grab a cup of coffee and a donut and read my book to entertain myself. The friendly girl at the counter threw in an extra donut, after learning that Boston Kreme is my favorite and that I'd chosen it over birthday cake earlier this year. I sat reading my book and sipping my coffee, but I later spoke with the friendly employee. I told her about The Thankful Principle, and I shared that it's a life-changing message. She was excited to talk to me; however, she later informed me that the lobby would be closing at 7:00 p.m.. No problem. I knew I could sit at the empty picnic table I had spotted out front and read while I waited for Dave. 

As I walked out of the donut shop, I observed an older gentleman enjoying a cup of coffee and reading his newspaper. I walked up to the table and asked him if he'd mind sharing the table with me, since the lobby was about to close. I learned Al was a retired factory worker, army veteran, father of three, and a widower. He was animated and jovial, and I entertained him with my stories, too. He told me about being raised in church and about being currently "in a backslidden state" (his words). As I spoke about my faith and shared testimonies with him, I could tell that he was inspired. Earlier, I had given him my business card that is a replica of my book cover. He originally put it in his newspaper wrapper with his newspaper, but near the end of our 70-minute visit, he was sticking it in his wallet. 

Funny how God used a broken bathroom to get me to the perfect destination.

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